Leak Detection Services


“Water leaks are never a good thing. One of the worst things about leaks is that you only realize they exist when they have already caused damage. There can be a great deal of distress and disruption as a result.”

Leak Detection Services


Home insurance policies do not usually provide ‘escape from water’ reassurances, so you’d probably need leak detection services to find and fix the leak. There are leaks everywhere, however.

Whether they are exposed pipes, pipelines inside walls, underground, or anywhere there are pipes with water flowing through it. You can avoid financial loss with good Leak Detection Services and by identifying leaks early.


Basic signs of hidden leaks


High water bills

Water leaks are probably to blame when you immediately doubt how much your house uses compared to your water bill. Water leak detection services should be contacted as soon as you notice a hike in your water bill.


The water meter indicates a leak.

When water escapes from a system, a water meter will tell you. Reading the meter only takes a few minutes, and you’ll know if your home leaks. In this case, you may need to hire a company to detect home leaks.


Mold growing on walls

There may be a leak inside whenever mold grows on a wall without any visible water source. Damp patches on the walls and ceilings also indicate a leak.


The buildup of water on the ground

Leaking water from pipelines buried underground can cause small puddles and pools. Following the removal of the water, observe such spots. The leak could be underneath it if it returns.


Musty smell

When water leaks, it starts smelling musty. There may be a hidden leak in your home with a stale or damp smell. Be sure to inform the leak detection services provider of the smell when they arrive.


Common places where leaks can occur


Water pipelines

The water pressure in your home operates on an average of 60 psi. In cases of high pressure, pipelines are prone to rupture and burst. There is also a possibility that some joints may leak due to the pressure.

In this case, water is the main culprit. Most leaks occur by water, which is eccentric, which explains why it causes them. Unlike other fluids, the water expands when it cools to 0 degrees during winter.

When the pipe walls are subject to irregular expansion, they become pressed against one another and crack. The walls are often a source of leaks because they are subject to weather and other factors.


Under the kitchen sink and faucets

Kitchen sinks and faucets are often prone to leaks. Leaks under sinks can be very damaging. In this case, it is nice to know that you can easily resolve the problem and that it does not take much time to do so. When a faucet leaks, it wastes a lot of water. It is best to replace the faulty ones to solve the problem.


Underground leaks

It is less likely that an underground leak will occur, but if it does, it can cause more damage than any other leak. They are also the hardest to locate. There is a lot of time and effort involved in underground leak detection.

It may also be necessary to use more detection methods. Case histories can be extremely helpful when it comes to reducing time and costs. Some other leaky places include water heaters, toilets, sewer pumps, and showers.


Methods of finding leaks

To locate the source of a leak, we employ three different methods. Our leak detection specialists select methods based on their experience and the case. It depends on whether one method would be enough or more than one would be useful.


Leak detection survey

Leak detection surveys are usually requested by insurance companies or referred by plumbers for undetectable leaks.

We will survey by a Gas Safe registered plumber through a process of elimination. They will assess any visual references during the testing process and use various testing methods.

We also provide leak detection and repair services and full leak detection reports for insurance companies for an extra charge. After the detection of the leak and repair, our specialist drying team can begin drying the property. Then, our reinstatement team restores the property to its pre-incident condition.


Thermal imaging

Therm imaging requires advanced equipment to locate leaks behind walls, underneath the ground, and in the dark. Temperature differentials can be tracked using a thermal imaging camera (heat imaging).

The color of hot objects or substances is bright in a thermal camera, while the color of cold spots is dark. As the camera can capture heat instantly, the technique is most effective for heating lines.

Thermal imaging devices provide the information for the initial survey. As a result of our equipment’s fine-tuning, we can accurately measure even the tiniest temperature differences. Non-invasive and rapid, this method offers the advantage of being non-disruptive and non-invasive simultaneously.


Acoustic testing

It may not be possible to use thermal imaging under certain conditions, especially during the summer.

Temperature changes can be difficult to detect when pipes are well-insulated or buried deep in the ground or wall. Acoustic testing becomes necessary in such cases. Using sound waves, this method detects potential leaks.

Damage to a pressurized pipe causes the water to leak out, causing small vibrations at the leakage point. Human ears can’t hear these vibrations due to their small size. However, sonic leak detectors can detect these vibrations and determine whether a leak is present. As the microphones run along the ground, our leak detection specialists mark areas where vibrations spike. They examine the spot again to determine if there is a potential leak underneath.


Using tracer gas

A gas-based method is another way to detect leaks without using any water or heat. Thermal and acoustic testing systems aren’t always possible under certain conditions, so we use gas instead. It is effective for detecting drainage leaks.

Tracer gas detection begins with draining all water from the system and introducing a pressured tracer gas. There are 95% nitrogen atoms and 5% hydrogen atoms in this gas.

Gases like hydrogen escape through leakage points since their molecules are the smallest and lightest. A sensitive gas detector is then used to locate leaks by our specialists. Tracer gas has the advantage of being non-flammable and non-toxic.


Rapid leak detection

It is important to find the source of a leak to prevent further damage, inconvenience, and costs. Water damage to walls or flooring, an excessive water bill, or problems with boiler pressure may indicate that you need a boiler technician.


What are trace and access covers?

Most home insurance policies under Trace and Access cover the cost of non-invasive leak detection methods. However, drying and remediation work usually fall within the repair cost. By inspecting your leak, we can determine if extra steps are required for access and inform you and your insurer of this.


Reasons water leak detection is important.

In the news media, there have been a lot of talks lately about the fact that the American infrastructure is seriously declining. U.S. water pipes have no end of problems. There are thousands of leaks in water mains across the country yearly, and the problem only worsens.


Reasons water leak detection is important.


Detection of water leaks is crucial, as they cannot be fixed if they do not exist. It is important to detect water leaks for seven good reasons.


Cost of water bills

There is no such thing as free water, and the price keeps rising as it becomes scarcer and harder to get. This is why ensuring water pays for and does not go to waste is so importantly. Water leak detection by a professional can save a home or business a lot of money in the long run.


Water Safety

There is more to water than just having a supply. Whether it’s for family members or employees, knowing the water supply is safe is crucial. If water pipes leak, contaminants can get into the water used for drinking and other purposes.

A leaking wastewater pipe can also contaminate the entire property. Owners can enjoy peace of mind by using professional leak detection services.



The owner or business may want to consider leaking pipes if they are concerned about the environment. Freshwater supplies in the U.S. are under pressure because our population is growing, and our water needs are increasing dramatically.

Droughts affect parts of the country, snowpacks are reducing yearly, and reservoir levels are lowest in many states. By detecting water leaks, we can conserve our water supply.


The cost of delay

Water leaks can have even more expensive consequences if not dealt with early. Initially, small damage may grow to be very large if undetected. A water leak detection system allows homeowners and businesses to spot problems early, saving them money and trouble in the long run.


Damage to other property

There is more to water leaks than just wasting water. The moisture within the structure, mold growth and other infestations can occur by leaks in the ground, damaging a home’s foundation over time.

It may be very expensive to solve all of these problems. The responsible party can also be liable for damage to other buildings or entire neighborhoods due to water main breaks. This disaster can be mitigated by a determined effort toward detecting water leaks.


Maximizing usage

Detecting water leaks is one of the community’s most important benefits from their current water supply system. This allows them to delay implementing further expansions and additions to the system until necessary.


Reliable water supply

It is important to detect water leaks to ensure a reliable water supply. While drinking water is essential, the concern here goes beyond that. For many companies and industries, water is also essential to their operations.

Furthermore, unreliable water supply and pressure could affect emergency services such as the fire department.


Commercial properties and plumbing issues

Businesses often experience plumbing problems, especially if they live in older buildings. Commercial buildings often have water pipes inside their walls. Leaks are difficult to detect because of this architectural design.

Most leaks come to light once they leave visible, costly footprints (such as a sudden spike in water prices), except when a pipe bursts, pipe leaks are usually slow and begin as drips. A drip that goes undetected for a long time can waste hundreds (or thousands) of gallons.

A smart business owner invests in water leak detection services (and sees a positive return on investment in a short period). All organizations should make a move.

Your maintenance team will detect water leaks using machine learning technology. Detecting leakage spots easily and accurately is also a benefit of water leak detection companies.


Why we need to call for leak detection service are:

To detect problems in places, you wouldn’t expect: In certain parts of your plumbing system, leaking is harder to detect than in others. Our advanced leak detection services can uncover leaks in dishwashers, washing machines, and sewer lines.

Our plumbers can locate leaks in these places even if they are not visible to the naked eye. Detecting leaks early will allow you to stop them from spiraling out of control, which leads us to our next point…

Leak detection can help you avoid more plumbing repairs, such as repiping and other more expensive services, by detecting leaks before they become a big problem.

Plumbing leaks, drain issues, and sewer line problems can indicate serious problems. The more you catch leaks early, the less damage you’ll suffer and the less mold and mildew you’ll have to deal with, which can be incredibly costly.

Detecting leaks accurately helps reduce and stop problems and clarifies how your plumbing system works. Using our high-tech leak detection services will help you prevent problems in the future.

Detecting leaks over the years will enable us to assess the health and condition of your pipes. By doing this, we can give you updates on the well-being of your plumbing system in real time, allowing us to make replacements before they become necessary.


Why choose restorations instead of a plumber?

Our leak detection specialists waste no time getting to work. With our appropriate equipment, leaks can be detected and located with minimal disruption.

Plumbers cannot detect leaks effectively because they need access to equipment and techniques. Make your life easier by contacting those who can help you immediately.